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2019 has been a year of changes, growth, and learning (which one could argue are all the same thing). In pursuit of knowledge, late last year I signed up for a year-long psychology training, studying the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model of psychotherapy. This model looks at our personalities as multiplicity of sub-personalities called “parts.” Many people already refer to themselves in multiplicity, even they don’t intend to. How often have you said something similar to, “Part of me just really...

Greetings Friends, I’m excited to share my journey over the past four months. Indeed, my life has changed drastically and my presence, practice, and ambitions have evolved as well. At the beginning of May, I made the decision to leave my safe corporate job in San Francisco. I did this for many reasons. One is that I felt burned out and had lost most of my passion for helping my previous company grown and thrive. That misalignment was paired with my desire to bring healing and catharsis to more pe...

Hey everyone! 

Earlier this year, I was featured on Namaste Yoga + Wellness' blog, including some brand spanking new yoga pics. Check it out here!

- Jerry

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The final installment of The Diluvians series, HEROES & VICTIMS, is now available in print and ebook! Get your copy today!

Five-hundred years after the flood, the Oracle of Delphi is summoned to the ancient state of Attica to usher in the returned patronage of the Olympian Gods. In present-day New York City, Sean and Erin Henry make a deal with the devil to save their daughter’s life. The remaining diluvians face off with Egyptian officials to cross realms and to save their loved ones from eternal...

There's a lot going on in my neck of the woods! A new workshop next week, a new novel next month, and a new retreat next year! Find out more here!

Updated though 8/20/2017

With Pratyahara, we enter into the second half of the eight limbs of classical yoga. While the first four limbs dealt with your relationship to the outer world, the second half begins to draw you inward, changing your relationship to the higher Self. 

Pratyahara is the management of the senses. It's not so much the ignoring of the outer world as it is the unaffectedness of the outer world. You're turning away from the distractions and beginning to focus on the i...

Fundamentals of Pranayama
Updated though 8/6/2017
Pranayama is the means to control, regulate, direct, or expand vital life force energy (prana). The primary means to do this is through the manipulation and regulation of the breath. Breath and awareness together is the link that connects us to our prana.

The etymology of pranayama is the word “Prana” and the word “Yama.” Prana, again is vital life force energy and “Yama,” which we are familiar with from our Yamas series, means to restrict or cont...

THE ART OF TIME TRAVEL (and How to Stop Doing it)

Saturday, September 16th at 2-4pm

at Namaste Yoga + Wellness | Grand Lake, Oakland CA

Over time, we have perfected the art of time travel. Moment by moment, we recall and relive past memories and we project our wishes and worries into the future. This constant traveling leads us to feelings of unhappiness, unfulfillment, and sometimes ingratitude for what we currently have. It is for this reason that many traditions teach us that true joy and contentm...

5 Weeks - Aspects of Asana
Updated though 7/2/2017
Asana (or seat) is the third of the eight limbs of yoga as outlined by the sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra. Out of all of the 196 aphorisms in the Sutra, only three have to do with actual asana, understood by us to mean any yoga posture. According to the text, we will be successful in meditation by achieving a comfortable and stable meditation seat. Luckily, we have endless yoga postures to help to build the strength and stability to maintain a...

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