Through all of my years of teaching, I have been blessed to share, teach, and learn with so many amazing and dedicated students. Here is just what a few of them have to say about me

“Jerry was my yoga instructor for a year and a half. His classes were always tailored to what the students wanted or needed. He would assist his students with their personal practice and helped me go further with my own practice. He is an amazing instructor for all students, regardless of the level they are at!”

– Angelia (2015)


“Jerry has been my yoga instructor for about 2 years and he is nothing but professional and incredibly amazing at what he does. He brings over 7 years of experience coupled with a deep knowledge of yogic philosophy. His classes challenge you on a physical, mental, as well as spiritual level. With his guidance I have become more advanced in my yoga practice and have developed a personal meditation practice that helps to keep me grounded in this chaotic life. What I’ve learned from him is that how we handle difficult poses in practice is very similar to how we handle difficulties in our actual lives.


Jerry is more than just a private yoga instructor, he’s a life coach with knowledge, experience, compassion, empathy, and warmth for all of his students. I would recommend him to anyone as he is punctual, professional, incredibly competent, and there are very few teachers in the Bay Area I trust more than Jerry Givens.”

– Sandy (2015)


“Jerry was my first yoga instructor at Sangha yoga studio in Kalamazoo Michigan. I find that I am always comparing all the other yoga classes I go to, to Jerry’s yoga class because his teachings and practice made such an impact on me.


This past Summer (2014) My best friend and I would go to Jerry’s Drop-In College Night yoga classes every week exclusively. He would push our body’s limits and help create peace in our minds and body. Jerry became a great friend and mentor and it was sad to see him leave Sangha yoga studio after that summer to start on a new journey in California. I still practice yoga, but will never be as satisfied as I was with Jerry’s classes. “

– Sloan (2014)


“I tried yoga several times and with several instructors, but it never made sense until I happened upon one of Jerry’s classes. I walked away from every single session relax, invigorated, and exhausted. That might sound like a strange combination, but my mind and body never felt better. Whether you are new to yoga, trying it out again, or searching for a new instructor, try out one of his classes/sessions. I cannot recommend anyone more highly.”

– Dan (2014)


“I met Jerry while attending Sangha Yoga in Kalamazoo, MI. His classes quickly became my favorite. He is approachable, fun-loving, and down to earth. His classes were a physical challenge combined with a light-heartedness not found elsewhere. Jerry was a big instrument in helping me find my inner yogi and in understanding more about myself and in turn, the world. Highly recommend!”

– Sarah (2014)


“I practiced yoga with Jerry for about five years in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is/was, by far, the best yoga teacher I’ve ever practiced with. His classes always calmed me and truly felt meditative. He also did a wonderful job of catering to the class to address what they needed, so every class was different, which I loved. Even though we are in different cities now, I continue to practice at home with his audio class, which is almost as good as actually being in class. Jerry is an outstanding teacher, and always leaves your body feeling open and flexible and your mind centered and relaxed.”

– Kristin (2014)


“Jerry has an amazing ability to keep it light-hearted and fun but powerful and challenging. My most favorite thing about Jerry’s class is his ability to take your deeper in meditation and Savasana. I always left his class feeling stronger and more at ease.”

– Chelsie  (2014)