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Gain access to a monthly membership site where you will have access to exclusive programming, including 4 weekly classes, full libraries, and discounts!

Recurring Monthly Payment of $108

  • Live Weekly Monday Classes

  • Live Monthly Yoga Nidra Sessions

  • Weekly Recorded 60-minute Class

  • Weekly Recorded 25-minute Meditation Session

  • Weekly 30-minute Chair Yoga Class

  • Access to Full Library of past recorded classes

  • Access to Full Library of past Yoga Nidra sessions

  • 25% discount on Yoga & Life Coaching

Deepen your yoga practice with more weekly classes!

Establish a regular Meditation practice with brand new weekly meditations!

Learn about chair yoga and how to bring these practices into your moment-to-moment awareness!

Expand your knowledge of Mindfulness and Yogic Principles through pre-recorded lecture and workshop content!

Get more guidance around your yoga practice and growth on your path with coaching discounts with Jerry!

Automated monthly payments so you don't have to make Venmo/Paypal payments for each class anymore!

Jerry Givens_Tree_edited.jpg


"Jerry's classes challenge you on a physical, mental, as well as spiritual level. With his guidance, I have become more advanced in my yoga practice and have developed a personal meditation practice that helps to keep me grounded in this chaotic life."

Sandy Huynh, LMFT

Practicing since 2013


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