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Music that Inspires Me: Imogen Heap

​From November 4, 2011

If you've ever been around me enough, you'll know that I'm a big music fan and that many types of music inspire me. Unfortunately, I have this thing where I can't write while listening to music with lyrics. I've tried so many times, but since the lyrics are my favorite part about most songs, I find myself listening to them instead of focusing on the writing itself. So how did I get around this predicament? Enter Imogen Heap, a singer/songwriter out of the U.K. If you haven't heard her music, shame on you. While Imogen was writing her third studio album, Ellipse, she traveled the world for inspiration and cataloged her journey though various online outlets (i.e. - Twitter, Facebook, UStream). Toward the end of her worldwide escapade for inspiration, she stopped in Maui, Hawaii for a week or so. She was trying to figure out one more song for the album to actually call it complete. To help the creative process along, she would sit down at her piano and record herself just improving any melodies that came to the moment. The best part is that she streamed these "noodlings" (as she called them) on UStream for all of her fans to witness (four sessions total). Of course, me being a fan, I tuned in. But not only that. Using an audio software, I was able to record the sessions onto my computer to listen to later on. What I didn't know at the time is that these sessions (all instrumental piano, with an occasional harmonizing by Ms. Heap) would become the soundtrack to me writing my second novel, The Deluge. There were four sessions altogether, ranging from 20 minutes to 45 minutes. I recorded them all and played them on loop during my own writing sessions. I found the music took me away and really connected me to my imagination and to my own creative genius. I've since put the sessions into a playlist, labeling them the Maui Piano Sessions and when I'm find myself at a creative brick wall, I play them and something always comes out, even if its just a brainwave that leads to inspiration. So, since these "noodlings" are not copyrighted, I have decided to share with you the first part of Imogen's second session in hopes that her creative process might help some other artists out there with their own processes. If anything, it's just beautiful and soothing music. "Update: I've decided to Upload all of the Tracks! Enjoy!" The other sessions are just as great. And just a little FYI, these sessions gave birth to not one, but two tracks for Ellipse. Both "Between the Sheets" and the instrumental track "The Fire" were created during this effort. I may post the rest to SoundCloud if you guys want some more "Too late, I already did." For those artists out there who follow my blog, I challenge you to sit down to your craft with the track playing and just see what happens. I've also made the track available forfree download on SoundCloud. Let me know if you want more. GMG

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