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Project Progress: The Deluge, Heroes & Victims

​From June 6, 2013

Hello all, I've been pretty quiet on this site this year and I assure you it's all for good reasons. While working on my third novel, Heroes & Victims (now halfway written), I've also begun the publishing of my second novel, The Deluge, and will announce the release date very soon. There is also a disc mosaic that I have not posted yet. Heroes & Victims is coming along great. The plots are thickening, expanding, evolving, and dissolving with a sense of grace that I can only be thankful for. I'm adding characters and storylines left and right, and this will prove to be the most intricate novel that I have written. The Deluge is completely edited and I'm working on different formats (print and eBook), descriptions, covers, and marketing. I'm so excited for you to read it, as I know you've been very patient. A 2nd Edition of Eye in Atlantis will be release shortly before the Deluge as well. Don't worry, it won't contain any added scenes or anything like that. For those of you who have yet to read the first book, it will feature a sample chapter from the second book, and the cover will have "The Diluvians Series: Part 1" added to it. I created a series title post publishing, so I'll have to do some editing to the original marketing.

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