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Big Announcement! My New Frontiers!

Greetings Friends,

I’m excited to share my journey over the past four months. Indeed, my life has changed drastically and my presence, practice, and ambitions have evolved as well.

At the beginning of May, I made the decision to leave my safe corporate job in San Francisco. I did this for many reasons. One is that I felt burned out and had lost most of my passion for helping my previous company grown and thrive. That misalignment was paired with my desire to bring healing and catharsis to more people through leading yoga and meditation, and through helping people psychologically.

The end of April marked my 11 years teaching yoga and for a while it's been a “will I, won’t I” about pursuing the profession more directly. Classically, it’s been difficult to thrive as a yoga teaching who teaches full time, but years ago I found a more economical way to share the teachings of yoga and at the same time bringing my services to a population that may not have readily shared an interest in physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. By teaching yoga in offices and corporate settings, I put myself in front of people who really need me and at the same time I can make so much more per class.

With my years spent working in tech in San Francisco, I’ve made a lot of connections and I empathize with the corporate experience so much more. With that understanding and the need to shift professionally, I’m now pursuing Corporate Wellness more fully. I’ve already had the opportunity to share with so many companies and I’m excited to see my roster grow.

My public teaching schedule is evolving as well. I'm subbing a bunch more in Oakland and I now have the opportunity to produce more programming, including a Yogic Psychology workshop later this year (details TBA) and a California Retreat in 2020. I've even published my first meditation on the app Insight Timer (completely FREE).

I've also been on a psychological journey, both personally healing and professionally. Since January, I've been enrolled in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Level 1 Training for psychotherapy. I'll write a full post what of what IFS is another time. My goal with this training is to blend its applications with yogic psychology to provide unique and effective coaching for individuals who wish to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This new Coaching profession will take several forms, including IFS Coaching, Professional Coaching, Creativity Coaching, and Yoga & Wellness Coaching.

I'm now seeing new coaching clients both in person and online, providing a free 15-minute phone consultation and offering a new client deal. (See my Coaching page for more information). I couldn't be happier about serving people in this new way, guiding them toward personal insight, sorting out their minds, and maybe even reaching new states of healing.

Additionally, I'll have new novels, articles, and more coming in the next several months! Can't stop - won't stop!

There is still plenty to figure out about this new frontier of my life and each day presents brand new opportunities to grow. Reach out if you have any questions. I'm so excited to be on this journey with you all!

So much love,

Jerry Givens

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