Professional Coaching

What is Professional Coaching?

You're a rockstar at your job but there are aspects of your career that you have a hard time being in relationship with. Perhaps there's a promotion want to go for, but you're not sure if you should. Perhaps you're having a hard time fitting in with your team. Maybe there are some coworkers with whom it's difficult to work. Let's unpack what's affecting you to create more harmony for you in the workplace.

Relationships to our jobs and all of the people that come with it can be difficult and like other relationships in your life, they need to be managed with care and trust. In our Professional Coaching sessions, we'll identify your current feel for your professional life and identify areas where you can grow to make yourself healthier and happier in the workplace.

Concierge & Virtual Sessions

Concierge Coaching (SF & East Bay Only)
We can meet at a location convenient for you, including:
  • Your home or office 

  • Salesforce Park (SF)

  • Café or Public Location

Virtual Coaching (Global)
We can meet by connecting on one of the following services:
  • Facetime, Skype, Zoom

  • Phone

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