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An Anthology

My gift to the anthology of poems chronicling my life from November 2008 to October 2011. Three years in the making, these poems embody my journey through self-realization, evolving spirituality, and my most vulnerable moments. The concept behind the title of this work is the non-existence of Time.

In 2007, I visited France for five weeks and among other life-changing revelations, I realized for the first time the illusion of Time. The first poem in the anthology, aptly titled "Time" describes my view of this illusion. I've done a spoken poetry audio track of this poem that you can listen to at the bottom of this page.

In life, there’s definitely a sense of progression seen, especially in the earlier stages of life, but that is not in insinuate that that is because of Time’s continuation. How do we measure growth, if not with this illusion? We can by our achievements, lessons learned, plans failed, and all of our experiences, because in the end…at the end, those are all that seem to matter.

So, with this anthology, I continue to add to that list of accomplishments and experiences. If you are familiar with my poetry, you will definitely see similarities between these works and past poems, but you will also see a new sense of articulation and growth. These poems have been therapeutic to me in writing them and now, I can only hope that they provide some resonance to the masses (or even just a few).

Laugh with me…

Yell with me…

Cry with me…



*Special thanks to Julie Birman for the creation of the cover art*









Excerpt from QuarterLife | Copyright 2011 - Gerald M. Givens | All rights reserved.

TIME - Gerald M. Givens
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