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Spiritually Familiar

October 23, 2015




So lost, I’d never felt so alone
And I prayed for somewhere to call my home
Then this place that felt so spiritually familiar
Finally appeared and wrapped me in her arms


Scared, alone, frightened, and downtrodden
I felt safe in her embrace
And the irony of my awakening consciousness
Was that I was blind and fell in too deep


And in the depths I became alone
Power was so strong within me
But my wings had become shackled
By the grace it took for them to grow


Windows clouded by the righteous
So I decided to look inside myself
To see the truth I’ve always known
To grow I must be free to roam


And through it all I’ve always known
I must break free so I can grow
And what I’ve learned is what I know
Within me I’m always home


Copyright Jerry Givens 2015 | All rights reserved


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