Yoga & Wellness Coaching

More than a Private Yoga session!

Sometimes Coaching needs to be more than only a conversation about habits and goals. Sometimes we need to move our energy (anxiety, stress, anger, grief) through and out of our bodies with movement and meditation. Our Yoga & Wellness sessions will include a conversation about your current state of being (mind, energy, and body) and I will lead you through supportive movements and meditations to create harmony and balance in your system. No yoga or meditation experience is necessary as I work with all levels of practitioners. In addition to movement and meditation, we'll also discuss supportive lifestyle adjustments like diet, exercise, and other wellness practices that will align with your overall goals.

For Yoga & Wellness Coaching, I bring my 12+ years of yoga and meditation teaching experience and my certification in Yoga Mindset Coaching to skillfully help you improve your overall wellbeing.

Concierge Coaching (only)

Concierge Coaching (SF & East Bay Only)
Due to the physical risk associated, Yoga & Wellness Coaching is only available in person at your home or office space. I gladly advise on wellness practices, including meditation, in my other forms of coaching. Virtual sessions can be made if you're seeking only meditation and wellness guidance.
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