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Jerry Givens Wellness

Jerry has two primary avenues for sharing his knowledge of wellness: 1-on-1 Mental Health Coaching and Virtual Workplace Wellness Events. As a Internal Family Systems Therapy-trained Practitioner, helps individuals navigate life changes, grief, anxiety, depression, and relationships. His offerings in corporate wellness ranges from virtual meditation classes to talks on managing employee burnout.

Whether you're here for 1-on-1 support or to bring wellness into your virtual office, Jerry is here to help. His approach is compassionate, inclusive, and customizable to the needs of the client.

Jerry Givens sitting in front of a computer


Find out more about Jerry's coaching practice, including pricing, timing, and FAQs.




Plan your next employee wellness event, options ranging from meditation to burnout talks.


Jerry's nearly 20 years studying and teaching yoga culminates in his 2020 bestselling book Essential Pranayama: Breathing Techniques for Balance, Healing, and Peace.

This quintessential guide to yogic breathwork explores regulating the autonomic nervous system through ancient and modern breathing techniques. Jerry uses these these exercises in his coaching practice and offers direct guidance in the following employee wellness programs:

  • Breathing Techniques to Manage Stress (class)

  • Mindful Breathing & Stress Management (talk)

The cover of Essential Pranayama, the book, by Jerry Giens

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