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Year-long Coaching & IFS Mentorship Program

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Are you a Coach and/or Internal Family Systems Practitioner (therapist, counselor, coach, healer) who is looking for ongoing consultation and mentorship?  Running your own business as a sole clinician can feel isolating and sometimes stagnant. Having an official mentor will give you someone to bounce ideas off of, to give you compassionate and constructive feedback, and to help you through the hard times (as well as celebrating the wins). Having a go-to person for both professional and personal coaching will help you to grow your business, move past blocks, better understand concepts around coaching and IFS.

Jerry has been training and mentoring coaches since 2019 and loves to help others thrive in their careers. Formally trained in Internal Family Systems (Level 2) and Yoga Mindset Coaching, as well as plenty of self learning, Jerry has the insight and experience to help you in your endeavors. Not only will you receive practical mentorship around business and consultation on cases, Jerry will also coach you around your own psychological blocks using IFS concepts.

Note: Jerry is happy to mentor coaches who are not trained in IFS, as well as IFS practitioners who are not coaches.

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Mentorship Includes:

  • 12 Monthly 90-Minute Virtual Sessions

  • Four 30-Minute Check-in Calls (to be used at any time)

  • Informal IFS Education and Consultation

  • Business & Marketing Coaching

  • Individual Case Consultation

  • Website & Promotional Material Analysis & Feedback

  • Discounted rate on additional sessions (if needed)

Mentorship Breakdown

Twelve Monthly 90-Minute Virtual Sessions

  • These sessions are to talk through any existing issues you're facing in your practice, from business to case consultation. This time can also be used for personal coaching, especially if you're feeling blocked or uninspired. 90 minutes ensures that we'll have plenty of time to work through whatever's present for you. It's your time to use as you wish.

  • Sessions are held via a private Zoom link provided by Jerry

  • Appointments are typically Tuesday-Friday between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Pacific Time Zone)

  • Availability may vary​

  • Sequential sessions must be schedule in separate calendar months

  • Scheduling of your monthly sessions will occur during or after your free consultation call (see below)

Four 30-Minute Check-In Calls

  • Not all issues can wait for your monthly session, so you have 4 impromptu check-in calls you can schedule with Jerry at anytime during the 12-month mentorship.

  • Calls must be scheduled in advance. Jerry's availability may vary.

  • Individual calls can be combined for longer check-ins

    • For example, if you'd like an hour-long check-in, it would use up two of these calls.​

Business & Marketing Coaching

  • Getting your business off the ground and growing can be hard in the best of times. During your sessions and via email, Jerry will help you identify necessary steps to accomplish your business and professional goals. 

  • Marketing your business can be tricky and Jerry will give you an extra eye and advice to attract new clients.

  • Jerry will help you brainstorm solutions to any issues that pop up for your business.

Individual Case Consultation

  • Sometimes you get stuck with clients, unsure how to proceed or intervene. Jerry will help you assess these cases and identify viable paths forward.

  • For IFS practitioners, Jerry can help you understand the model in relationship to individual clients. Unsure how to get that Protector part to step aside? Will that Exile not come out of the basement? Jerry is well versed in the model to help you and your clients to move past these blocks.

Website & Promotional Material Analysis & Feedback

  • Building an online presence can be tricky and sometimes scary for some people. As you're building this vital foundation to your business, Jerry is happy to look through your material and give your compassionate and constructive feedback. This feedback is typically given in writing, via email, but can also be discussed in either your monthly session or a check-in call.


Discounted Rate on Additional Sessions (if needed)

  • If you need additional sessions outside of your 12 Monthly Sessions and 4 Check-in Calls, Jerry will give you a $25 discount on his regular hourly coaching rate. You must be an active mentee to receive this discount.


"Jerry is an exceptional IFS practitioner and coach. He not only helped me integrate the parts of myself that kept me from being a successful coach, but gave me practical, step-by-step, guidance for growing my business. Within a few months of working with Jerry, I was able to build my private practice in all the ways I dreamed of."

- Lilly, IFS Coach

Sign Up & Pricing

Free 30-Minute Consultation Call

  • Click here to schedule your free 30-minute call

  • This call is an opportunity for you to ask questions and for you and Jerry to get to know one another. It's also a great opportunity to talk about what you're hoping to get out of mentorship and any goals you have

  • Scheduling this call does not obligate you to work with Jerry or vice-versa

  • Scheduling of your monthly sessions will occur during or after your free consultation call

Pricing & Payment Options

  • Full 12-month Mentorship: $4,000

  • Payment options include Venmo and PayPal

  • Payment is due at the time of sign up

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for less than 12 months?

  •  Unfortunately, no. Effective mentorship requires an on-going relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee. A year-long commitment is needed to ensure the success of both parties.

Is Jerry available for in-person coaching sessions?

  •  Jerry is currently only seeing clients remotely at this time, including mentees.

Do you do Sliding-scale?

  •  At this time, Jerry is not able to offer discounts on mentorship. He does offer sliding scale for on-going 1-on-1 coaching. See the coaching page for more information.

Can Jerry teach me Internal Family Systems in this program?

  •  Jerry is happy to provide a basic understanding of IFS concepts, but this mentorship program is not a formal IFS educational experience, rather it builds upon established IFS understanding. For formal training in IFS, check out the IFS Institute.

What is your Cancelation Policy?

  • Please note there is a 48-hour cancellation policy for all scheduled sessions. Should you forget or skip your mentorship session, that session will be deducted from your remaining balance. However, if an unforeseen event or emergency requires you to cancel and Jerry is able to reschedule you within the next few days, you will not be charged for the missed time.

How is IFS Coaching different from IFS Therapy?

  •  Jerry is a Level 2-trained IFS practitioner and educator, trained by the IFS-Institute like many other qualified IFS mental health professionals. Equipped with this knowledge and experience, he uses the full breadth of the IFS therapy model in his coaching sessions and mentorships, working with all parts. It's in this capacity that Jerry is able to mentor and provide guidance to all IFS practitioners, regardless of profession.

*Don't see your question answered? Email Jerry

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