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Mental Health ~ Mind-Body Connection
Spiritual Wellness ~ Boundless Creativity
Explore your greatest potential!

"My mission is to help you connect to your deepest truth so that you can realize your fullest potential. Together, we'll dissolve obstacles that are holding you back, keeping you stuck, and stopping you from achieving lasting happiness."


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Improve your relationship to your career and colleagues.


General coaching, using psychology to understand the mind to shift habits.

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Work on your relationship with another person using a Holistic Coaching model


Work healthfully through creative block to excel on your next project.


Blend coaching and wellness practices for a full mind-body journey.

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Recent Buzz


Jerry will be presenting at the Internal Family Systems Conference (psychology) on October 16th with his mentor, Karina Mirsky. Check out more here.

Check out my new spotlight on the TaskRabbit blog, The Hutch, where I discuss my journey to becoming a coach, tips for newbie yogis, how I unwind at the end of the day, and my favorite kind of ice cream!