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Introduction to Internal Family Systems
& IFS Coaching

FREE Webinar with Jerry Givens

In this free webinar, Jerry gives you a foundational understanding of Internal Family Systems, including the difference between Parts and Self, how to access Self, and how IFS Coaching can help you heal and gain more compassion for all of your parts.


The webinar concludes with the experiential Table of Parts meditation and journaling exercise that helps you to identify your parts and attain Self energy. 

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Watch now!


Is IFS Coaching right for you?

  • Does the webinar bring up curiosity about your inner system?

  • Did you notice resistance to the Parts you met in the meditation? 

  • Were you able to access Self-energy during the webinar?

  • Did you feel parts of you yearning to be witnessed and understood?

  • Were you able to identify Parts that hold painful or limiting beliefs?

  • Was there anything during the journaling practice that needs further exploration?​

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, IFS Coaching can help you!

Schedule Your Free 20-minute Consultation

Click here to schedule your free 20-minute call

  • This call is an opportunity for you to ask questions and for you and Jerry to get to know one another. It's also a great opportunity to talk about what you're hoping to get out of coaching and any goals you have

  • Scheduling this call does not obligate you to work with Jerry or vice-versa

Check out the coaching main page for details on pricing and FAQs.

Additional resources from the webinar:

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