About Me

I'm Jerry Givens, Life Coach - Yoga & Meditation Educator - Published Author. My mission is to help you connect with your deepest truth to realize your full potential and to move past obstacles that would keep you from lasting happiness.


As your Life Coach, I personalize our sessions to include ancient yogic mindsets of compassion, modern psychotherapeutic models of healing, and deep empathy to empower you to grow, heal, and thrive.


As your Yoga & Meditation Teacher, I help you to deepen your understanding of your body, energy, mind, and spirit through creative and time-tested practices that will expand your knowledge of your Self, using physical posturing/sequencing, breathwork, and meditations. 

As a Writer, I use my stories to take readers on fantastic journeys through space and time - from Ancient Greece to the distant future and beyond. Creative writing has always been my favorite means of expression, using storytelling as a way to convey deeper truths.


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