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Internal Family Systems

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Is IFS Coaching right for me?

Coaching using the psychotherapeutic model Internal Family Systems asks you to consider your mind as a multiplicity of different, yet equally important parts or aspects of consciousness. Each part of you has a role to play in your system and wants what it believes is best for you. Sometimes, however, parts disagree about a course of action and your thoughts and feelings become confusing. "Part" of you wants to go left and another "part" of you wants to go right, and it can feel impossible to find a resolution that will pacify the whole system.

For example, maybe part of you really likes your job and wants you to continue to grow in your field while another part of you really wants to be an artist and resents the time and energy you spend not pursuing your artistic passion.

In IFS Coaching, we'll take a holistic look at your system and find paths forward that feel equitable to you as a whole and relieving you of those conflicting emotions and desires.

What does an IFS Coaching session look like?

Initially, we'll discuss what's going on in your life or what you'd like to focus on for your session. We'll identify constricting thoughts and beliefs that might be holding you back or making you feel inadequate. Through this analysis, we'll naturally identify the parts of you that are feeling activated and work with them individually.

To use the example from above, part of you wants to grow in your career and part of you wants to be an artist. We can talk to these two polarizing aspects of you and find out what they really want from their core motivation. For the career-driven part, that might be financial security, safety, acclaim, and stability. For the artist part, it might want freedom of expression, time for creativity, and a less-constricting lifestyle. What I know to be is true is that there is a path forward that will be agreeable with both parts. Our job in IFS coaching is to discover and to execute that third path.

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