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What is Couples Coaching?

Couples seek coaching to learn more about themselves and each other. They may also need to improve communication, need support moving though challenges, or repairing trust or intimacy. Others may need to renegotiate agreements, set new boundaries, or to open to new possibilities. 

The primary intervention I use to understand individuals and relationship dynamics is called Internal Family Systems (IFS). IFS asks you to consider your mind (and your partner's) as a multiplicity of different, yet equally important “parts,” or aspects of your personality. Each part of you has a role to play in your system and each wants what it believes is best for you. Couples often come to me when their parts are triggered in repetitive negative loops with each other’s.

In Couples Coaching, we can explore the dynamics in your relationship and learn how to help each part of each person feel heard, understood, and cared for. I take an impartial, unbiased view of the relationship(s). My role is to help each individual ground in their most calm, clear, centered Self, and bring that into the relationship.


Our sessions will bring clarity as what is needed to create harmony in the inner systems of both individuals. This work often draws partners closer together. It can also help partners navigate healthy uncoupling if that is in the highest way.

What does a Couples Coaching cycle look like?

Couples Coaching works in cycles of three sessions (two 60 minutes, one 90 minutes). The first two sessions are with the individual partners, separately. These sessions help each party to understand their role and needs in the relationship without the pressure of their partner sitting nearby. Once both individuals have had their separate sessions, we'll have a third session with everyone together to help each party to understand the needs, desires, and boundaries of the others. Here we'll employ different communication tools, which help all parts to feel heard and validated. Once a single cycle is completed, we'll repeat at a cadence dictated by both the couple and my advice.

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Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation with Jerry here.


For one complete cycle (Two 60-minute sessions & One 90-minute session): $675 (paid at booking)

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