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Eyes in Atlantis
The Diluvians Series #1


A journalist in Washington, D.C. is plagued by dreams of tsunamis and earthquakes. Off the coast of Cyprus, an American scientist discovers artifacts from a civilization long lost. In the heart of an ancient city, a princess has visions of strangers and destruction. As fate draws them together, they must fight to save their worlds and their lives.


Part one of the Diluvians Series, Eyes in Atlantis is a suspenseful fantasy/adventure blending the modern world and Greek Mythology in race against time and the destructive will of Gods.




Alexia, the daughter of Hesperos and Princess of Atlantis, woke up late one sunny morning and peered out over her bedroom balcony at the glistening red-Orichalcum, silver, and bronze walls that surrounded her father’s greatest jewel, the City of Atlantis. To her right she could make out the lower part of the Ampheres mountain range that covered the northern portion of Atlantis. To her left she could see over the city to the Plains of Atlas that stretched from the city walls all the way south to the sea.


Not long after waking, Alexia was summoned by her father the king, Hesperos, to meet him in the great throne hall of the palace.


She quickly dressed into her usual silver and blue dress and attended to her father.

When she entered the throne room from the right of her father’s seat, the old man sat in deep conversation with one of his generals and her elder brother Xavian. As usual, Xavian was arguing with their father. She held back a moment in order to eaves drop on their conversation. She learned that the general, who was the head of the Atlantean Navy, had just returned from Athens. The Athenian king, Aktaios, had sent a message to Hesperos stating that Atlantean naval fleets were to be removed from Aegean waters.


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"Captivating - The book is very well written. It is very hard to put down once you start reading it. It makes you feel you are right there with the people in the book. Highly recommend it to everyone."
- Roseann 5/25/11 


"Stupendous - A must read! Highly recommended to all book lovers, this book has it all some history some romance and suspense that keeps drawing you in chapter after chapter! You will love this book by a brilliant author." 
- Jenipher 5/29/11 


"Super Great - Captivating, just could not put it down. You could feel like you were there along with the people. I loved it!"
- Irene 1/23/12


From December 2, 2011


I have some exciting news for everyone!! Eyes in Atlantis is finally available online in Print Format!!! Paperbacks are now available through Amazon.com for the discounted price of $14.99! At this second, it says the books are out of stock, but give it a few days and the product will have reached the warehouse and they will ship. It's also available for free shipping if you end up spending $25 or more on...


From August 17, 2011


In the past couple of weeks I have expanded my distribution of Eyes in Atlantis, and let me tell you that I am so excited for this! Nearly two weeks ago, the novel became available on iTunes and the Apple iBookstore. I was so geeked that I took a screen shot of it.



I've been working with a site called Smashwords.com, and they've been in charge of distribution and I've been impatiently awaiting their re...

​From June 16, 2011


Exciting new today! Eyes in Atlantis was featured on MLive.com today for their Self-Publish Spotlight! Check out the feature here: http://www.mlive.com/entertainment/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2011/06/self-publishing_spotlight_eyes.html 

This is so great!!!!

GMG, kind-of-a-big-deal

From May 31, 2011


Hi everyone,


Ever since the release of Eyes in Atlantis last week, I've been in writing limbo. In truth, releasing the book ended up being an overwhelming, albeit amazing, experience. At the release event, I received so much love and support from everyone and I was truly blown away.


The release event took place on May 21, 2011 at Sangha Yoga Studio in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

At the event, I thanked everyone who...

From May 24, 2011


Eyes in Atlantis is now available for digital download on amazon.com! Click HERE to get your copy!

From May 10, 2011


In anticipation for my new novel, Eyes in Atlantis, I've posted a Sneak Peek sample chapter on the official Eyes in Atlantis website! Click HERE to read "The Princess' Visions"




From May 1, 2011


Happy May 1st!

Just 24 more days until Eyes in Atlantis is released and only 20 more days until the release event! I'm excited to be bringing this story mainstream. I can't help but to reflect at this point about the path that has led me to this point. So, here's a reflection blog.

I really can't remember the exact moment that I began Eyes in Atlantis. It was some time in late 2004, so it's been nearly...

From April 7, 2011


Hi all!

Details about the official Eyes in Atlantis Release Event have been announced on www.EyesinAtlantis.com andwww.SanghaYoga.com!!! The event will be held in Kalamazoo, Michigan at Sangha Yoga Studio on the evening of May 21st, 2011. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and I will be reading an excerpt from the novel starting at 7:00 p.m. The cool thing about the release event is that it is the only time in the for...

From December 29, 2010


A few days ago I applied for a copyright on Eyes in Atlantis!!!!! The reason this is so exciting is because as soon as I get the copyright, I will be publishing Eyes in Atlantis for digital download on Amazon.com. This means that you will be able to purchase a digital copy of the novel and read it on Kindle, Kindle applications on iPads, iPods, iPhones, Blackberrys, PC, Macs and several other devices (a...

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