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  • Sub Calendar - all subbing is at Namaste Yoga + Wellness studios (East Bay)

Much of Jerry's teaching is for private corporate wellness programs and personal coaching. For more information or to bring yoga and meditation to your place of work, check out the Corporate Wellness page. For personal coaching sessions, check out the Coaching page.

Upcoming Workshop:

Connecting to Each Other: Deeping the Support Between Partners

with special guest teacher Sandy Huynh, A-MFT

Saturday, February 15th at 1:00pm-4:00pm 

Spiritual Alignment, Fremont, CA

Deepen the connection between you and your partner in this experiential and uplifting Valentine's Day couples workshop. In our time together, Jerry Givens will guide you and your partner through Partner Yoga exercises to help you feel your support for one another in your bodies. We'll also discuss common barriers to a deeper connection and psychotherapist Sandy Huynh will offer several communication practices to help facilitate empathy and insight. Our goal is to create a safe container for you to be vulnerable with one another, feel each other's support, and see into each other's souls.

All levels of practitioners are welcome.

Price: $60 per person