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  • Sub Calendar - all subbing is at Namaste Yoga + Wellness studios (East Bay)

Much of Jerry's teaching is for private corporate wellness programs and personal coaching. For more information or to bring yoga and meditation to your place of work, check out the Corporate Wellness page. For personal coaching sessions, check out the Coaching page.

Upcoming Workshop:

Connecting to Self Energy

Sunday, December 8th at 1:00pm-4:00pm 

Namaste Yoga, Grand Lake, Oakland

What's the difference between ego and higher consciousness? What about our lives has created a disconnect between who we try to be and who we really are? In this workshop, we'll explore the levels of meditation, how our minds work in relation to our practice, and how we can work toward healing by connecting to the purest nature of our Selves.

This workshop will examine “Self” or higher consciousness from a yoga psychological lens, how Self shows up in Western psychology, and how to bridge the gap between our minds and bodies. Anticipate conversation on classical yoga psychology, yoga tantra, and Western Psychology as well as a physical yoga practice to bring it all together.

Price: $60 | $50 Early Bird by Friday, November 15