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Virtual Wellness Happy Hour

Create a Virtual Wellness Happy Hour for your team, featuring a keynote talk and multiple wellness breakout room classes!

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Putting Your Event Together

The virtual wellness happy hour begins with a 20-minute wellness talk followed by two or more 30-minute breakout room wellness classes. Participants will be able to choose which wellness class they’d like to attend from pre-selected options.


The intro talk options include:

  1. Key to Mindfulness

    • Great for people who are just starting to learn about mindfulness practices and helps to make wellness more approachable.

  2. Busting Burnout!

    • Participants learn why we biologically burnout out, ways to prevent it, and how to manage burnout when you’re already there.

  3. Mental Wellness & Self Care

    • Learn why Self Care is so vital to a healthy lifestyle, including simple ways you can integrate moments of care into your daily work life.


Breakout wellness class options include:

  1. Guided Meditation

    • Be led through a guided meditation experience to cultivate a calm and focused mind.

  2. Breathing Techniques to Manage Stress

    • Practice a series of breathing techniques to regulate your nervous systems and cultivate clarity.

  3. Office Chair Yoga

    • Be guided through a series of accessible yoga-inspired movements from the comfort of your own chairs.

  4. Stand & Stretch Break

    • Stand up and follow along with guided movements to counteract the effects of prolonged sitting, increasing vitality.

  5. Guided Systematic Relaxation

    • Relax and be guided through a series of grounding meditations and breathing techniques to maximize your rest.

  6. Mindful Writing

    • Following a brief meditation, free write on the writing prompt of the day nonstop for 15-20 minutes to unlock the mind and increase clarity and creativity.



  1. Key to Mindfulness Keynote Talk (20 minutes)

  2. Two Breakout Wellness Classes - participants to choose in the moment (30 minutes)

    1. Guided Meditation

    2. Office Chair Yoga

  3. Return to the main room to debrief and reflect (10 minutes)


The keynote talk and breakout wellness class options will be selected prior to the event by the event booker. Jerry will reach out immediately after the booking is confirmed to verify your selections. Participants will then choose which of the preselected wellness classes they’d like to attend right before they go into the breakout rooms.


Base pricing includes the keynote talk and two (2) wellness class options. Add additional wellness class options for an additional fee (up to four breakouts total).


All events are hosted through Zoom, as the “select your own” breakout room function is not available through all video conferencing platforms. Base price is up to 95 participants. For 96 or more participants, please inquire for additional pricing.


  • Base price, includes two breakout wellness classes: $700

  • Additional breakout wellness class: $275 for each additional class (up to four total)

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