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Workplace Employee Wellness

Virtual Wellness
Talks & Workshops

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Below is a series of wellness lectures and discussions that integrate yogic and mindfulness-based philosophies and practices, like compassion, focus, and inner calm, into everyday worklife. These specialized talks include PowerPoint slides, group interactions, guided meditations, and time for Q&A. Read more below. Most of these workshops can be lengthened or shortened to meet your needs.


M@W: The Key to Mindfulness 

(30-60 minutes)


In our busy and distracting world, it's easier than ever to get stressed out and burned out. Thankfully, there are healthy time-tested means, like Meditation, to manage and mitigate the effects of stress on your mind, body, and nervous system.


In this talk, we'll discuss the neurological effects of stress, demystify Meditation, and learn how easy it is to bring Mindfulness & Meditation techniques into your daily life. This talk features three different opportunities to practice meditation, proving to participants just how accessible this wellness practice can be.


Attendees will learn:

  • The effects of meditation on the autonomic nervous system

  • Accessible meditation practices that can be done anywhere, regardless of skill level

  • Different types of meditation practices so that folks can find out what works best for them

MaW Comm.webp

Mindful Communication @ Work

(45-60 minutes)


Mindful Communication looks into who we are being in our day-to-day interactions, including communication ethics to awareness of individual sensibilities (i.e. - introversion vs. extroversion) to ensure that what we say (and how we think) aligns with our personal core values.

The goal of this talk is to give participants a new awareness and new language when it comes to self-accountability about how they communicate in the workplace (and in life). This program is especially great for leaders who are looking for new ways to connect with their direct reports.


Attendees will learn:

  • A communication model that helps outline and facilitate effective and non-harming communication

  • A new way to think about how to structure your day to be more mindful of your needs and others

  • Tips and tricks to stay present throughout your workday

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Mindful Action @ Work

(45-60 minutes)


Mindfulness in Action looks into who we are being in our day-to-day interactions in relation to our actions and how we show up, ensuring that our behaviors align with our personal core values and the concept of non-harming.


The goal of this talk is to give participants a new awareness and new language when it comes to self-accountability about their behaviors in the workplace (and in life), including mindful timing and how they can organize their schedules more mindfully.


Attendees Will Learn:

  • A new way to think about how to structure your day to be more mindful of your needs and others

  • Tips and tricks to stay present throughout your workday

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Unblocking Your Creativity 

(60-90 minutes)


Unblocking Your Creativity explores the creative process from a philosophical and psychological lens, using both Eastern and Western models of psychotherapeutic understanding. In this talk, we’ll answer the questions “What is the Creative Process?” “What is Creative Block?” “What are the obstacles to a creative mind?” and “How do we overcome these obstacles?”


In addition to the didactic material, we’ll experience a mindfulness exercise that will help participants to better understand the concepts introduced.


Attendees will learn:

  • How the Autonomic Nervous System affects creativity

  • Creative Theory from a Yogic Philosophical lens

  • The Five Blocks to a creative mind and ways to remedy them

  • A useful writing exercise to practice uninhibited creative thinking

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The seeds fly like a whisper and tell storys_edited.webp

Mindful Breathing & Stress Management

(30-60 minutes)


Based on Jerry’s book, Essential Pranayama: Breathing Techniques for Balance, Healing, and Peace, this guided breathwork practice includes a breakdown of breathwork from the yogic perspective, taking into account biology, nervous system regulation, and the regulation of stress hormones. We’ll learn three different types of breathing techniques and their effects on your system.

Attendees will learn: 

  • Useful applications of breathwork in daily life

  • A biological understanding of four different ways to breathe

  • The three energetic effects of breathing techniques

  • Three different breathing techniques and how to apply them


Self-Leadership @ Work 

(60-90 minutes)


There’s an old paradigm that we should separate our psycho-emotional wellbeing from our work lives and such ideas are becoming more and more antiquated as newer research shows the inherent connectedness of psychological and emotional states, regardless of our environment or circumstance. This does not suggest that we should be hyper-emotional or unregulated in the workplace, quite the opposite. It means that we, individually, need to become the leaders of our own internal system, understanding the needs and complexities of our unique being, while holding empathy for our experiences.

In this workshop, Jerry introduces a new way of looking at your mind where YOU become the leader of your mind, instead of being pulled and pushed by the reactivity and desires of your consciousness. You’ll learn that even when you’re less skillful, you’re still a good person. You will also become aware of an aspect of your consciousness that isn’t affected by the trials and tribulations of life and learn to identify more with that Self. All of this awareness will help you to show up better for yourself, your coworkers, friends and family, and your career.

Attendees will learn:

  • A new paradigm to empathetically care for your psychoemotional state and be led by a higher perspective, based on the Internal Family Systems model of therapy

  • Mindfulness tools to help you better identify with the higher state of perspective

  • A compassionate and motivating mindset for self-accountability

  • How to use this paradigm to hold greater empathy and understanding for others

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Busting Burnout @ Work

(60-90 minutes)


Burnout is a pervasive issue in the workplace, occurring at all levels, from entry-level to C-suite. Unchecked, it can lead to low morale, dissatisfaction with career and life, attrition, accidents, depression, chronic illness, chronic pain, and more. Thankfully, mindfulness and wellness practices can help folks to identify and rectify burnout.

In this workshop, Jerry explains burnout from the physiological and psychological level, helping folks to understand why we burnout, how to prevent it, and how to consciously recover when burnout has already set in. Two different written exercises will help attendees understand their own relationship to burnout and how to create a more harmonious life where burnout is less likely.

Attendees will learn:

  • How burnout is related to the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Common causes and symptoms of burnout

  • Their own unique symptoms of and remedies for burnout

  • How to prioritize what matters most to them to create a harmonious lifestyle


Mental Wellbeing & Self-Care

(60-90 minutes)


Mindfulness practices have proven to be useful tools in managing mental health for centuries. Building awareness around your thoughts and actions, along with your met and unmet needs, will help you to make positive changes in your life, boosting your mental resilience. The information and self-care practices presented will help you deepen your understanding of yourself and give you ongoing support to create healthy mindsets.


Jerry uses these same interventions to support clients on their mental health journeys.

Attendees will learn:

  • About Mental Health from an integrative perspective

  • How nervous system regulation affects mental health

  • Mindfulness approaches to Self-Care

  • How Mindful Writing can assist in self-care and overall mental wellbeing

Mindful Comm
Mindful Behavior
Unblocking Creativity
Breathing Wksp
Busting Burnout

Virtual Wellness Happy Hour!

60-90 Minute Mixed Wellness Event


Create a dynamic wellness event where your team members will learn about holistic self-care and sample different classes. The virtual wellness happy hour begins with a 20-minute wellness talk followed by two or more simultaneous 30-minute breakout room wellness classes. Participants will be able to choose which class they’d like to attend from pre-selected options.

Jerry Givens facing the camera with a dark green backdrop and the title Virtual Wellness Happy Hour overlayed


"Everything went smoothly! Jerry was very engaging and resonated well with our employees, especially during year-end."

- Nili @ XL Fleet

"Jerry is awesome!!!! He is great with my company, my employees love him, and I love his class. He really walks people through a journey each time. Our wellness program is at a different level with Jerry being part of it!"

- Kate @ Inkling

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