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Drive Me Home


Rock and rollin' glory days And I had dream of you Hare Krishna pray away It’s everything you do

Feeling like a soldier Just waiting for a leave I'll call you when I get back And you'll come and set me free

Flying with the wind And sailing with the sea Moving with the earth We’re where we want to be

Burning with the fire You know I love the heat Just freezing ice desire Just rollin' with the beat

The way you drive me home... The way you drive me home

No stoppin' poppin' hard to hold The smell I get from you Breathe in deep and hold the phone Now where have you gone to

Break away and scattered trips It gets so hard to tell You might be at the movies Or down at that hotel

Racing with the traffic No stopping on these streets Just pick me and take me home And play this on repeat

Billboards shine like fire There's lightning on the way Just showing life desires And then we speed away

The way you drive me home... The way you drive me home ---

Copyright Jerry Givens 2015 | All rights reserved

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