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Tidal Race

TIDAL RACE The initiation of this situation's got you feeling a little vexed And this inebriation’s got you feeling sensations that you normally leave at rest And seas crawled up as the skies tore down Broken silence of eternity Tearing at the earth with its breaking teeth Calling the power rumbling from the deep So you peddle for your life as the torrent pursues There's no stopping else you'll be gone And it's a race to the death if you fail your course This is the last chance or the end of it all Your present incubation is your compensation for a land that is being wrecked And instant frustration for your un-natured nation’s comprehensible to the rest Then the world heaved up as the seas crashed down Leaving havoc in the wake of its trek Bowling from town to town leveling ground Forcing the world to stop at the sound You can either run for your life or stand around As the weight of the world comes barreling down Inside your soul survives despite all the trials You’ll be safe when the raging subsides ---

Copyright Jerry Givens 2015 | All rights reserved

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