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'Eyes in Atlantis' Now Available in Paperback Through

From December 2, 2011

I have some exciting news for everyone!! Eyes in Atlantis is finally available online in Print Format!!! Paperbacks are now available through for the discounted price of $14.99! At this second, it says the books are out of stock, but give it a few days and the product will have reached the warehouse and they will ship. It's also available for free shipping if you end up spending $25 or more on your overall order. Many of you, especially those who don't live in my town, have asked how to get a physical copy and now you have your chance! On top of the paperback being for sale, my new anthology of poems, QuarterLife is now available in eBook format through Such an exciting week in my writing world! QuarterLife is only $0.99 and contains 90 poems I've written over the last three years!

Just a little update, I'm furiously editing the sequel to Eyes in Atlantis and also writing the untitled third book in the series.

Happy December!


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