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On Editing "The Deluge", Part 1

From January 12, 2012

I'm currently in the mid editing stages of my second novel, The Deluge, and I've decided to chronicle some of my thoughts and observations.

To give you some basis, The Deluge begins approximately 13 months after Eyes in Atlantis ends. Those who survived the events of the first novel will be pushed to their psychological limits as they attempt to make good on a debt they accrued during their time in Atlantis. In the same breath, the gods of Olympus are preparing for the demise of the entire human race. New characters are drawn to assist (and sabotage) our heroes.

One of these characters, who I've grown quite attached to, is Hermes, the messenger god of Olympus.

In Eyes in Atlantis, other than Cleito, I only alluded to the gods of Olympus, but in this second novel they take a very personal interest in the dealings of humans. To refer to Hermes as just a messenger is being quite general in the description of his overall duties. He is also the guide of souls, a role that becomes very important as we move deeper into the novel. Another trait of Hermes that I found in my research is that he is a trickster character. Without giving anything away, we get to see deviousness of the deity. I so wish I could tell you more, but that would defeat the purpose of waiting.

As I continue this editing process, I'll keep you up to date on my ruminations.


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