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Reflecting on "The Deluge" Release Event

From September 23, 2013

I've been ecstatic with loving release of my second novel, The Deluge. I know it's been only two weeks, but I've already received so much lovely feedback from readers and I'm excited to continue to please you with these stories. The launch party was amazing and thanks to everyone who came out in support of the book. For those of you who could not attend, I talked about my writing process with this book, read from the book (first part of Chapter 1: Familiar Dreams), and talked about the evolution of my creative process. I was taken by how interested everyone was in my description of my creative process, which I truly enjoyed sharing. I

It's my hope that in sharing my creative journey that other artists and creative types will be able to tap into their power with a greater understanding and, dare I say, ease.

And lastly, I couldn't stop talking about how Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talk on the creative genius inspired the completion of this book.

In finally releasing The Deluge, I'm also excited about getting back to its younger brother, Heroes & Victims. I am dangerously approaching the finale and it's scaring the hell out of me. But as I've learned with fear, best to face it and get it over with. Truly I'm thrilled to be writing the completion of "The Diluvians" and (as always) can't wait for you to read it. In writing Eyes in Atlantis I created a universe and all of its rules. In The Deluge I explored this universe and followed its rules. InHeroes & Victims I'll shake this universe and break all of its rules. Until next time... GMG

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