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The Continuous Expansion of Eyes in Atlantis

​From August 17, 2011

In the past couple of weeks I have expanded my distribution of Eyes in Atlantis, and let me tell you that I am so excited for this! Nearly two weeks ago, the novel became available on iTunes and the Apple iBookstore. I was so geeked that I took a screen shot of it.

I've been working with a site called, and they've been in charge of distribution and I've been impatiently awaiting their results (I am now quite sated). Over the past week, I've gotten print copies of the book available in two locally owned businesses: Sangha Yoga and Michigan News Agency. Now you know where you can pick up copies for people for Christmas. (Who wouldn't want it for Christmas? Who!) Lastly, today Eyes in Atlantis became available for Barnes & Noble's Nook (and it's apps). This has been the big one I've been waiting on due to it's reach and it's direct competition with Amazon's Kindle.

For the sake of making things easy for you, I've update my website and the purchase page to direct you to various vendors.


Meanwhile, I am continuing my preliminary work on the third book in the series.


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