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New Year - No Resolution (January Newsletter)

We all want to be happy, right? Like fairytale happy. Like getting 8 solid hours of sleep and feeling refreshed on a Saturday happy. Like playing with a dog happy. Happy :) I believe that this desire is the ultimate goal in life. If we peel back the layers surrounding our wants, what we'll have is a collective core of unfettered contentment. In yoga, the idea of this contentment is called "Santosha" (one of the five Niyamas) and it's not referring to sporadic or erradic joy. Not the moments of elation that are often followed by moments of depression. The quest for Santosha is not chasing a high, but to the journey to elevate one's self to consistent heights. Much can be said on this matter, but this time of year...the New Year...often calls us to specify something that we want to feel more fulfilled (our "New Years Resolution"), and these desires or resolutions are often fleeting and are really just us chasing those sporadic highs.

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