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What's Your Next Step?

When you have to climb a mountain, you begin with the first step...

When we think about making changes and growing, it can feel like we have to climb the mountain in one big step. But, this is often not the case. Small goals, tasks, and choices are necessary and are a natural part of anyone’s growth. We have to work within our current ability and resources and over time the changes become evident. But how often do we avoid that first step, simply because the staircase seems too high? “It’s too much.” “I don’t have the energy.” “What if it’s not worth it.” These narratives play out and block us from beginning what could be a glorious rise. In moments like this, it’s helpful to have an objective ear - someone to help you name the block (the excuses and reticence) and help you to move past them. Someone to help you see that climbing the big staircase isn’t today’s goal. Someone to help hold you accountable to take the next step tomorrow. As a Coach, I help people of all ages, roles, identities, creeds, and backgrounds to identify these blocks and compassionately move through them. Sometimes this involves lifestyle changes, aided by mindfulness and meditation, and other times it involves going to the block itself and understanding where it came from. If you're ready to begin, schedule a free 20-minute call with me to discuss your path and how we can work together to move you toward where you want to be. Feel free to share my info with folks who could benefit.


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