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Getting Back to it

From June 12, 2011

​So I'm at a Starbucks again. Actually, I'm at a Starbucks in Gas City, Indiana charging my cell phone because I forgot to do so before I left the little retreat I was on. Regardless, I have my Chai Latte and life is good. I've been in remission lately, so I took a couple of days and went off the radar at my friend's house in the middle of Indiana. The energy it took to release Eyes in Atlantis took more out of me than I had anticipated. A little bit of sleeping, a little bit of lounging, and a little bit of drinking, I feel ready to jump back into life with vest. With this new-gained energy, I will be working on several things. As of right now, Eyes in Atlantis is only available on Kindle and through me personally. I'm looking to expand. So in the next few weeks look to see the book on Apple iBookstore and on Barnes & Nobles' Nook Store. I'm also going to spend some time in local bookstores in Kalamazoo to get it in print on actual shelves for all of you physical bookies (if you have any suggestions, hit me up). There are a few locally owned bookstores that I think would love to have work by a local and independent author. I'm really excited for it. Lastly, I'm finally going back to work on The Last Day, my third novel. Yesterday, I spent about two hours going over what I've already written, along with my outline and I can't wait to continue this story. My goal is to have it completed by next Spring. Like I've said in previous posts, I really don't want to spend two years on this novel. Also, with the completion of this third novel, I'll be able to start writing the third installment in the Eyes in Atlantis series (I really need a better name for the series, but whatever). By the way, check out! It got a bit of a makeover! Well, my cellphone is charged enough for the remainder of my return journey. With my trusty iPod, I'll be jamming the entire way. Look out now! GMG

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