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Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

From November 1, 2010

​As you know, I have been re-re-reediting my first novel Eyes in Atlantis for reasons that I cannot yet disclose. But what I can tell you is that I am ever so nearly finished with it, which truly reinvigorates me to complete the project (again).

This brings me to the point of this particular post. I know many artists in my daily life who, just like me, take on projects and work diligently at their art like its a second (or third) job. Also, like me, they become overwhelmed by their load work and therefore loose interest or motivation in their project. I've been here so many times before in writing. For example, at the end of spring 2010, I was just a couple dozen pages from finishing THE DELUGE, but I was tired of the story. I had sat with and birthed this story for the prior two years. I wanted it done! I didn't want to finish it though. It took me a lot of effort, giving myself deadlines and rewards, to actually finish it. What I found out though, was as I got into the end of the story again and started bleeding and sweating my great ending, I felt better than ever. When I completed the project, I didn't say to myself "Thank God that's over!" I didn't resent it at all, but cherished the work. I guess it's like childbirth? (Women, is it?) I'm sure you all recognize the title of this post from the movie "Finding Nemo." Yes, a forgetful blue fish can use it as motivation, but it stands true to us perfectly imperfect humans as well. When you find yourself down about your craft (because it is your craft), find the true source of WHY you do it. That should be reason enough for you to continue the birth of your creations. Art is a viable expression of our souls. Don't be stifled by creative blocks and lethargy. Kick yourself in the ass and get moving. These are the words of GMG, sometimes motivational speaker

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