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Making it Happen

From March 3, 2011

​From the very beginning of my adventure with Eyes in Atlantis (which is going on seven years), it has been quite the solo project. For the longest time, I didn't even share any details about it. Everyone just knew that I was "writing a book." I really don't know why I was so secretive about the project. Was I trying to protect it? Was I trying to protect myself? Probably a little bit of both. Seven years ago, I was not that confident in my craft. Granted, the initial idea of EiA and the end result are vastly different. It's crazy how much an idea can evolve. The point I'm getting to here, is that in the past two years I've begun to unleash Eyes in Atlantis into the world and I now realize how important and necessary it is to have others involved in my project. Through the feedback that I've received from innumerable sources, I've grown so much. Many of the people I got feedback from aren't editors or English majors, but just people who love a good story. The support of everyone who has been involved in this project, even on the micro-levels, have helped to increase that confidence. With the release of Eyes in Atlantis gaining speed, I am, for the first time, confident enough to send it out into the world without fear. I was talking with a friend last week about it, and we came up with the analogy of child birth. Now before I get hate-mail, I am not saying that I have any clue what it is like to be pregnant or give birth. That's my disclaimer. The analogy is that I've spent so long growing this project and at this point, I want it to have its own life outside of me. It needs to grow and become whatever it is it will become, without me so attached to it. A lot still needs to happen before the release, and I am working diligently with my support system to make it happen. I'm excited for you all to become a part of this world. From now until the release of Eyes in Atlantis (and probably beyond), I'd like for you to post questions you'd like me to answer. These can be in regards to EiA, my writing, my upcoming projects, or anything really. I'll spend a few posts answering them (maybe even another v-blog). I look forward to your questions and answering them. This will be fun! GMG

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