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Not Living at a Writing Pace

From December 9, 2010

​Hi everyone! I've been flying under the radar writing-wise for the past few weeks and it looks like it might be a couple more before I start cracking down. There are a couple of reasons for this, and I'll start with the most superficial one and work my way over the more-true reason. As rehearsed and cliche as it may seem, I've really just been too busy to sit down and put two thoughts together into a story or a poem. Even rants are few and far between. This is the busiest time of year for me (as it is every year). I do want to thank everyone who said how much they loved my last post on Time. I wrote most of it three years ago while I was visiting France for several weeks. That was a time of severe self discovery. I'll leave it at that. The other reason I haven't been writing... Well, it's daunting, isn't it? Writing a novel, I mean. Not to mention that I now have three different ideas swarming around in my head fighting to be first in line. I've already written about my primary next project (does that even make sense?) The Last Day, but now I have two additional ideas with great potential. One is memoir that I won't go into just yet, and the other is the dreaded third book in the Eyes in Atlantis series. I know I said I was going to keep the third one at bay, but it just keeps coming into the forefront of my mind. I've even ignored it and tried to beat it into submission (metaphorically speaking) but every now and again it conspires against me. It's funny, I'll think of a small part of it and a week later my subconscious adds to it and so on. Rawr! Writer want smash mind! So, yeah. In the next few weeks life will slow to a writing pace and I will choose one of these projects to make primary. In the meantime, I shall see how these individuals evolve and find out which wants to live most (and first). Until next time, GMG, not-write-now-writer

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