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Introducing QuarterLife

From November 23, 2011

​Over the past three years, I have been writing and compiling a collection of poems, which have in turn chronicled my life throughout the 23-26 year-old stage of my life. This holiday season, I am excited to share this time of my life with you in my anthology "QuarterLife", which will be released on for kindle and kindle apps on December 1, 2011. It was my intention to make this collection free to you, but amazon has a minimum price of $0.99, so...yeah. The anthology includes many poems that have been featured on this blog, along with poems I've kept hidden and secret. Ninety poems in all, QuarterLife is a journey through self-realization, evolving spirituality, raw truth, and my most vulnerable moments. Click the anthology cover page below to go the official QuarterLife blog page:

Special thanks (and eternal gratitude) go to Julie Birman who created the cover art. I am unworthy of your talent and grace.

Thank you everyone for your support.


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