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Music that Inspires Me: Rachael Yamagata

From November 8, 2011

So, after careful reflection (and one concert later), I realized that I was quite brief regarding music that inspires me. Imogen Heap is a great example of someone who's creativity and art inspire me to my fullest potential, but I must say that there are others out there. Okay, I'll be honest. This post is going to be me bragging and gushing over a concert that I saw last night in Detroit. In my defense (because I need defense?), Rachael Yamagata is a lyrical genius and has inspired me (mostly in my poetry) for at least four years...and I just met her! I actually feel kind of bad, because I went total "fan-geek" on her. I even felt it coming as I waited (second) in line to meet her. But have you ever tried to hold back a flood? Yeah, it wasn't happening. She was gracious as I told her I loved all of her music and have followed her for years and thanked her for all of her work...oh god, I'm judging myself over this now. Anyway, she signed a cd for me too (her new one: Chesapeake).

Like I said before, this is all relevant because Rachael has been a muse of mine for sometime, especially regarding my poetry. If you've never heard her music, she's a cross between Janis Joplin and Ray LaMontagne. Just give her a try! You can stream her new album: Chesapeake HERE.

Okay, I'm finished for now. I'll be putting all of this inspiration to work soon, so don't worry. I've got a surprise for you coming next month!!!!!! (Can't wait to share!)


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