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Project Progress: "Heroes & Victims"

​From April 24, 2014

Last week I sat down and finally finished the first draft of my new novel, Heroes & Victims. Completing this draft was interesting, because I was resisting it for so long. I had the outline finished, so all I had to do was sit down and hash out the details, but I waited because I was busy with other projects. Then there came a point last week where my creative impulse wouldn't let it sit any longer, so I set aside my other projects and voila! it was done.

Now I emphasize "FIRST draft". Heroes & Victims is still quite far from your eager eyes. I've begun the initial editing process and... let's just say it's bleeding. Soon (hopefully), I can give it to my editor for her take and, depending on her comments, I may go back in for more in-depth editing.

I both love and hate the editing process. With a manuscript, it allows me to fine tune words I wrote over two years ago, and update characters as I see them now (which may have evolved from my original concepts). But then I realize that I've been editing for 3 hours and only gone 20 pages out of a 240 page manuscript. In other words, it's a daunting task. This novel in particular is the longest I've written by at least 14,000 words (Eyes in Atlantis: 65,000 words, The Deluge: 66,000 words, Heroes & Victims: 80,000+). I'll just go one page at a time and eventually, I'll be done.

I do look forward to sharing this new novel with you. In the coming months, I'll be sharing sample chapters and new character profiles.

Until next time,


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