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Project Progress: The Deluge, EIA3, and the Series Title

From May 16, 2012

​My apologies for the radio silence this month. Aside from traveling a little, I've been busy in my writing world, so this post will be a "catch up" on what that currently looks like. First, I've finished editing The Deluge (again). Those of you who have followed the progress of this editing process know that it was a tough one that took several months to complete. At one point I almost decided to rewrite the entire second half of the book (which I thankfully realized wouldn't work). When I sat down to edit, I thought I was further along than I really was and then the pages began to bleed with extensive edits. In the end, the story is stronger and, for that, I'm so excited for everyone to read it. There are still two more steps before I can begin the publishing process on it though. Soon it will be off to my proofreaders and then I'll makes some more edits after that. Needless to say, my summer 2012 release is not going to be a reality and I'm totally fine with that. After finishing the editing of The Deluge, I continued my work on the third book in the series. There's still no title, but the book itself is getting really good...and really dark. I thought that I'd reached a certain level of demented-ness with select scenes from The Deluge, but after four chapters I'm already topping myself. Two words: possessed child. Classically, evil children scare me more than anything, so it's no surprise that there might be a glimmer of that in one of my books. I continue to truck along on the story, which will continue to get darker from here. Hopefully the characters will see a reprieve of light at some point. Lastly from my literary world, I think I've decided on a title for this series. I know, usually authors figure this out before they publish, but as I've said this series has grown unplanned. Anyway, the tentative title is The Diluvians Series. This title will make more sense after the publication of the second book, but I feel that it's very fitting. "Diluvian" means of, relating to, or produced by a flood. The more I think about it, the more I like it. I'll make a final decision by the time the second book is published, but for now there it is. That's my world right now. I'll check in with you about any further progressions and muses. GMG

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