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HEROES & VICTIMS - Now Available!

The final installment of The Diluvians series, HEROES & VICTIMS, is now available in print and ebook! Get your copy today!

Five-hundred years after the flood, the Oracle of Delphi is summoned to the ancient state of Attica to usher in the returned patronage of the Olympian Gods. In present-day New York City, Sean and Erin Henry make a deal with the devil to save their daughter’s life. The remaining diluvians face off with Egyptian officials to cross realms and to save their loved ones from eternal damnation. All the while, Hades uses each of them to hatch a plan that will bring the world under his dominion and shroud the earth in darkness. The Diluvians series concludes in this daring adventure across time, space, and death to save mankind once more from the vengeance of gods.



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