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Ready to Begin.

The first step toward meaningful change can often be the hardest. We have external and internal blocks that keep us from reaching our potential, often shutting us down before we’ve even left the gate. Maybe we feel like we're too old to pivot. Maybe we feel like we've already invested too much into our current trajectory. Or maybe we're just comfortably uncomfortable in the routine we've created. This inertia can leave us feeling stuck and frustrated. At times like these, we could use some support.

I remember a time when I felt stuck at my corporate job. I knew that if I just found a new job, I'd still be unhappy because deep down I knew I wasn't on the path that would help me feel fulfilled. At that time, I reached out for support and with my counselor, I realized why I was unhappy and, even more important, what would make me happier. Together we explored career options, schooling, and training that would help me to actually Begin.

Beginning is hard. Making changes is hard. But you don't have to do it alone.

As a Coach, I help people of all ages, roles, identities, creeds, and backgrounds to identify these blocks and compassionately move through them. Sometimes this involves lifestyle changes, aided by mindfulness and meditation, and other times it involves going to the block itself and understanding where it came from.

If you're ready to begin, schedule a free 15-minute call with me to discuss your path and how we can work together to move you toward where you want to be. Feel free to share my info with folks who could benefit.

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