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The Deluge
The Diluvians Series #2


Atlantis has fallen. Mankind shuns Olympus. Jaded, the Gods of Olympus will unleash a great flood to destroy all life on Earth and start anew, but not if the goddess Alexia can stop them first. Calling in a debt across time, she summons Sean and Erin into a scheme that will cost them more than their lives. Embarking on a journey that blends the present, the past, and the realms beyond this world they must face their fears, death, and eternal damnation.


Beginning one year after Eyes in Atlantis, the Diluvians Series continues in this second struggle of gods and men.




Ptollen forced his way into the partially submerged second ring of the City of Atlantis, losing hope that he would be able to make it out. Was this what he had helped to create? If he had only ignored the strangers that day two months ago, he might now have been in a better position to help his fellow countrymen escape this Atlantean genocide. In spite of his hopelessness, he pressed on against the torrential rain, hurricane winds, and frequent tremors of the ground beneath his feet. Buildings and statues crumbled all around him while the remaining Atlanteans attempted exodus. 


As the Atlantean sailor approached the bridge to the first ring of the city, all possible hopes for escape were lost. The rain fell harder and faster now and the ocean surrounding the land rose to the acropolis. Waves crashed against the wall on the opposite side of the bridge. 


Through the rain, Ptollen saw a tidal wave carrying something large toward him. As it approached, he realized it was an Atlantean naval ship. Its masts had already been broken and the wave carried it effortlessly. The rising water lifted it over the first wall and slammed it into the city’s second wall. 

His frantic thoughts turned to his love, Alexia, Princess of Atlantis, whom he had left at the city’s acropolis. The princess planned to head to the mountains to the north, but there was no way out now. He turned and waded through the rising sea, heading back to the center of the city. The water came faster now, overtaking his efforts. A sense of relief filled him as he approached the bridge. Tethered to the wall stood his pet mastodon, Molden, agitated and frightened. New hope rose within him. He might actually be able to make it to Alexia.


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From September 23, 2013


I've been ecstatic with loving release of my second novel, The Deluge. I know it's been only two weeks, but I've already received so much lovely feedback from readers and I'm excited to continue to please you with these stories.

The launch party was amazing and thanks to everyone who came out in support of the book. For those of you who could not attend, I talked about my writing process with this book...

From September 6, 2013


Today is the DAY!!!!!!!


The Diluvians Series #2, The Deluge, is officially out! 


To get your copy, either ebook or print. Be sure to leave reviews on the site you purchase from. I'm so excited to share this second installment with you!

Lots of love!


From September 1, 2013


I sit here in my living room trying to gather my thoughts as I prepare for the release of my second novel. I sense familiar feelings that remind me of my first novel release two years ago, but therein hides a level of understanding and maturity that balance the excitement and anxiety. Trust that I do feel anxious, but it's not the same as before. Before, I felt that I was ripping my heart out and placing...

From August 15, 2013


Greetings Everyone!


I have been waiting rather impatiently to share with you details regarding my sophomore novel, The Deluge. With the release on September 6th, I've spent the past few weeks working tirelessly formatting and tweaking the book, its website, and its cover to make it perfect. The result? Well, I'll let you be the judge.


Without further ado, here is the cover of The Deluge...



This cover was...

From April 20, 2012


​Just a quick update this morning. I'm still editing The Deluge and though I'm having a lot of fun doing it, it's become a little overwhelming. Last week, at about the half-way point, I had a brainwave and almost rewrote the second half of the book. The new idea was so enticing, but after mulling it over I discovered that the added storyline would not have worked in the end. I was actually quite happy it di...

From January 12, 2012


I'm currently in the mid editing stages of my second novel, The Deluge, and I've decided to chronicle some of my thoughts and observations.


To give you some basis, The Deluge begins approximately 13 months after Eyes in Atlantis ends. Those who survived the events of the first novel will be pushed to their psychological limits as they attempt to make good on a debt they accrued during their time in Atlant...

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