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The Art of Time Travel (and How to Stop Doing it)

THE ART OF TIME TRAVEL (and How to Stop Doing it)

Saturday, September 16th at 2-4pm

at Namaste Yoga + Wellness | Grand Lake, Oakland CA

Over time, we have perfected the art of time travel. Moment by moment, we recall and relive past memories and we project our wishes and worries into the future. This constant traveling leads us to feelings of unhappiness, unfulfillment, and sometimes ingratitude for what we currently have. It is for this reason that many traditions teach us that true joy and contentment can only be experienced right here and now, in the present moment. Through ancient practices of mindfulness and deep presence, Yoga & Meditation seek to give us access to a more joyful and fulfilling life. In this extended class, we will explore yogic and meditative techniques to ground our minds in the present moment and therein we will open ourselves to the capacity for true and lasting joy.

$35 registration ($30 for Namaste Members)

Registration Opens Soon!

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