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Moving Past the Block and Creating the Life You Want

Have you ever just sat there and looked at the blank page, not knowing what to write or draw? This hesitance is sometimes called “creative block.” Like creative block, we can also freeze or be blocked when it comes to creating our lives. Making choices, changes, and decisions to move us forward in our lives, careers, and relationships can be difficult and, at times, debilitating. We so often decide to stick with the “devil we know” versus drawing something new in our lives.

Years ago, I felt this same way. My first (of several) career pivots was this way. I’d worked in hospitality through college and once I graduated, I moved up in command at the same business. What I was doing was somewhat related to what I went to school for, but it was ultimately unfulfilling. Because I didn’t know anything else and a few gentle attempts at finding a new job fell flat (this was around the 2008 recession), I chose to just stick it out at that job. While I wasn’t ultimately miserable, I was stuck. For three more years, I stuck around and tried to scrape happiness from a well that, for me, had long run dry. So what happened? What pulled me out of this place?

Well, the answer is two-fold. I had been studying Yoga and Meditation during this time and I really became aware of my unhappiness. Awareness is key here. This awareness coincided with help from my mentor, a psychologist who helped me to understand that I was indeed blocked and helped guide me out of the situation and into a more empowered job and life. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as easy as just this, but this is the overall track I took toward crafting a new lease on life. The point is that I had help.

As a Coach, I help people of all ages, roles, identities, creeds, and backgrounds to identify these blocks and compassionately move through them. Sometimes this involves lifestyle changes, aided by mindfulness and meditation, and other times it involves going to the block itself and understanding where it came from.

If you're ready to begin, schedule a free 20-minute call with me to discuss your path and how we can work together to move you toward where you want to be. Feel free to share my info with folks who could benefit.

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