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Essential Pranayama Online Course

Based on the book, "Essential Pranayama: Breathing Techniques for Balance, Healing, and Peace" this Self-led course will give you an introduction to Pranayama (breathwork), its applications, its energetic effects, and several different techniques that you'll be able to practice time and time again! If you've read the book, you've already been introduced to some of these concepts and techniques and here we'll refine that knowledge and your practice. If you haven't read the book, no worries as I'll break down concepts for you to learn as you go. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: Through four lectures and 10 guided Pranayamas, you will learn: - The basics of Pranayama from a classical perspective - The three energetic effects of Pranayama - Two techniques for each of the three energetic effects (6 techniques) - Four additional techniques of varying experience levels THIS COURSE IS RIGHT FOR YOU IF... ​- You're looking to be guided through techniques - You want to deepen your understanding of the energetic effects of Pranayama - You want to deepen your understanding of the ways we breathe - You're looking for an array of practices to create variety in your practice - You want to deepen your commitment to your Yoga and Pranayama practice, health, and happiness




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