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Breathing Techniques for Balance, Healing, and Peace


Increase energy, relieve stress, find balance―yogic breathing for every level

Pranayama, translated as the extension of one’s life force, can help you improve focus, relieve stress, and deepen your yoga practice―simply through breathing. Essential Pranayama offers clear, approachable breath techniques and exercises for all levels of practitioner. Whether you’re experienced with yoga and breathwork or just beginning to explore, this guide will help you quickly feel the benefits of pranayama techniques.


The Diluvians Series #3


Five-hundred years after the flood, the Oracle of Delphi is summoned to the ancient state of Attica to usher in the returned patronage of the Olympian Gods. In present-day New York City, Sean and Erin Henry make a deal with the devil to save their daughter’s life. The remaining diluvians  face off with Egyptian officials to cross realms and to save their loved ones from eternal damnation. All the while, Hades uses each of them to hatch a plan that will bring the world under his dominion and shroud the earth in darkness.

Seven Devils - Gerald M. Givens.jpg

SEVEN DEVILS (2016/2020)

A Novella

Seven sins for seven brothers
and a black-widow woman to bind them.
Locked in her cage, the bird so scorned,
sings of their sins to remind them.

Set in the late 1800s, Seven Devils follows Elizabeth Winterbourne through a bloody world of love, passion, betrayal, and sin as she seeks her freedom through the darkest means.


The Diluvians Series #2

Atlantis has fallen. Mankind shuns Olympus. Jaded, the Gods of Olympus will unleash a great flood to destroy all life on Earth and start anew, but not if the goddess Alexia can stop them first. Calling in a debt across time, she summons Sean and Erin into a scheme that will cost them more than their lives. Embarking on a journey that blends the present, the past, and the realms beyond this world they must face their fears, death, and eternal damnation.


The Diluvians Series #1

A journalist in Washington, D.C. is plagued by dreams of tsunamis and earthquakes. Off the coast of Cyprus, an American scientist discovers artifacts from a civilization long lost. In the heart of an ancient city, a princess has visions of strangers and destruction. As fate draws them together, they must fight to save their worlds and their lives.

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