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How Mindfulness Practices Can Benefit Lawyers [Article]

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I recently contributed an article to SF Attorney Magazine, a publication from the Bar Association of San Francisco. Read an excerpt below and check out the full article!


Burnout is a phenomenon that many lawyers are all too familiar with. You’re working long hours, sleep has become elusive, you’re chronically exhausted, overly cynical, and you may feel ineffective in your career. Even your subconscious thoughts are constantly ruminating on your clients and cases, creating debilitating anxiety and feelings of isolation. Burnout, in this case, is burning the candle at both ends and, eventually, running out of wick.

While burnout is a common occupational hazard for law professionals, there are many precautionary steps that you can take to get ahead of any potential crash. Mindfulness practices, like meditation and focused breathing, both help you become more aware of when you are approaching burnout and can help you replenish your energy if you’re already in burnout. Best of all, many of these practices are simple and take very little time.


I have the pleasure of working directly with lawyers and law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, helping to bring Mindfulness practices directly to law professionals. Check out more about my Corporate Wellness Offerings.

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