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On Writing: "Heroes & Victims"

From December 12, 2013

​I have been officially writing the third and final installment of The Diluvians for about two years and until a few weeks ago I thought I was nearly finished, but then BAM! Like a Mack truck, inspiration struck, and I'm left bleeding on the side of the road with sweet muse-nectar pouring from the gaping wound in my head. Aren't you glad I don't write with that much gore all of the time? I have a system to writing novels, you see. I sit down with a general conception of the story and just write ideas in a somewhat chronological order until I have a couple dozen pages of weird notes to decipher. Then I actually decipher said notes, creating a more detailed, more chronological outline that makes sense of everything. From there, I actually write the novel. After two novels, this is what has worked. But again the inspiration-Mack truck struck. I honestly had a great ending planned for Heroes & Victims, but as I'm wrapping everything up, I realize that there is a little more story to tell. So now I'm back to the proverbial drawing board, throwing out my old outline, and piecing things together in a way that I didn't know could exist. Some characters got reprieves, some characters were unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and some characters will now get an unforeseen redemption. It's at times like these during the creative process where I realize how little control I actually have. I have often esoterically referred to myself as a transmitter of the muse or creativity that is channeling through me, and I'm reminded how true that actually is. Right now, I'm not merely wrapping up a novel, but an entire series. This story wants to exist in a very particular way, and my ego has no say whatsoever. I must step aside and have no attachment to what comes through the line. So what if it takes me an additional three to six months to write this book. The story will not have it any other way. Again, my writing is proving to be my practice (as I mentioned in my Trues Story: Finding Home). Through practicing non-attachment, I can now create on a greater scale and with more skill. This only encourages me to practice non-attachment in other areas of my life. Who knows what greatness exists on the other side of my expectations? What are you holding on to that may be holding you back from something bigger and greater? I'm elated with the revelations that I'm having while finishing this book, and when it's finally in your hands, you'll be happier for it too. I hope to reveal a sample chapter or two before it's released, so keep an eye out. Now, back to writing. If you're not caught up on The Diluvians yet, put them on your Christmas list. Both Eyes in Atlantis and The Deluge are available in eBook and print formats. Don't miss out on the adventure! GMG

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