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Chair Yoga at Work? Yes, Please!

When I started offering Office Chair Yoga (OCY) as a corporate wellness option, I was surprised to see how many people and companies gravitated toward the modified yoga class. Chair Yoga was originally developed for people who have a difficult time accessing a typical yoga class (seniors, people with certain physical limitations, etc). The accessibility of these practices is exactly why companies all over the SF Bay Area have been adding it to their wellness programs.

Here are some benefits to an Office Chair Yoga class:

  1. SPACE & EQUIPMENT - Many offices don't have large private swaths of space for a conventional yoga class and even fewer offices have the necessary equipment for a typical class (mats, blocks, straps, etc), but they do have plenty of chairs and even a spare boardroom at times.

  2. TIME - When to offer yoga at an accessible time? Well, with OCY, it's easy to fit a short 30-45 minute class in during the lunch hour or even first thing in the morning.

  3. CLOTHING - Another limitation to a regular yoga class is having to change into workout clothes. OCY doesn't require a change of clothes, which typically increases participation rates.

  4. VITALITY - With OCY, you can get many of the same feel-good effects of a normal yoga class, including increased energy, calmed nervous system, mental focus, and a deep sense of peace (just to name a few).

With the COVID-19 Pandemic and Shelter-in-Place initiatives around the world, I've begun offering online OCY sessions that folks are doing right from their own homes. I recently recorded one of these sessions and I gift it to you here. Each of these techniques and stretches can be done at anytime, without having to warm up! I end the class with a brief meditation to put a nice wellness-bow on it. Enjoy!

Check out Office Chair Yoga and my other Corporate Wellness Offerings!

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