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The Secrets of SEVEN DEVILS (Spoiler Warning)


Do Not Read Past If You Haven’t Yet Read SEVEN DEVILS


Hands down, the most fun part of writing Seven Devils was the formula by which I wrote it. Each chapter includes two parts; two separate perspectives. The first part of each chapter is written from the perspective of the character who is to be killed and the second is the point of view of the killer.

Now, the first six chapters all follow the same suit: a Winterbourne brother is killed in the first part and the second part is Elizabeth’s psychological reasoning for having done so, along with furthering the storyline. For those of you who follow story mechanics, there’s foreshadowing of the novella’s ending when you get to chapter seven (Greed) and the first part is in the POV of Elizabeth Winterbourne. From a purely mechanics standpoint, you can tell that Elizabeth is going to be killed.

This twist in the storytelling was fun to write, since most of the story was from Elizabeth’s POV and for the first time I would have to end a chapter (and now the story) from another character’s perspective. I almost wrote the last chapter as one extended part, having Elizabeth’s POV be the final perspective, but I chose to end the novella from the eyes of the youngest brother, since he does end up dying too.

It’s bitter poetry that Elizabeth would die and the youngest brother, Jacob, would die immediately after. From that same mechanics standpoint, a reader might suspect that Jacob would survive having avenged his family, but I had a seed of evil in Young William that was planted in chapter six (Envy) that made his (William’s) actions valid and believable.

In truth, until I was finally writing chapter seven, I did think that both Jacob and Young William would survive, but that would have left several loose ends that I didn’t want there. This is a stand-alone story with no epilogue or sequel. I needed complete closure and I wanted readers to have the same.


Find out what the excitement is about and read SEVEN DEVILS today!

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